Colored Cut to Clear Antique European Crystal 1880 - 1930
Nov/Dec 2016 - Val St. Lambert:  1920s Decanter/Stemware Set, Cordials, Art Deco Stem, Brilliant Period Corset Vase, Stoppered Decanter, Flemish Jug
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Aaron Cobalt Blue to Clear Triangular Decanter with Pattern Stopper 16" H, $1500; Matching 7.5"H Stems: Amber, French Blue, Green, Cobalt Blue @$200 Complete Set @$2000
Early 1900 Brilliant Period Corset Vase,
 Cranberry to Clear,
Crosshatching and Fan Motif
Original Val St. Lambert Label
14" H
Dominique Brilliant Period Bulbous Decanter, Cranberry to Clear,
Facet Cut Reticulated Stopper,
Triple Facet Cut Handle, 16 pt. Hobstar Base
9.25" H
Ripley Cranberry to Clear Cordial, Facet Cut Serrated Wafer Stem,
12 pt. Hobstar Base
5" H
Marconi Chartreuse to Clear Cordial with Facet Cut Bulbous Stem
5" H
Riverton Cranberry to Clear Blazed Bowl and Base Motif, Facet Cut Notched Stem
5.5" H,
Marconi Chartreuse to Clear Trumpet Cordial, Facet Cut Notched Teardrop Stem,
24 pt. Rayed Star Base
5" H
Berncastel Ruby Red to Clear Cordial,
Facet Cut Wafer Stem,
24 pt. Rayed Star Base
5" H
Floreal French Blue to Clear Cordial,
Facet Cut Notched Stem,
24 pt. Rayed Star Base
5" H
Heroique Brillliant Period Flemish Jug,
 Amber to Clear,
Triple Facet Cut Handle,
32 pt. Rayed Star Base
8.5" H
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